On-Line Access & Contract

The Acadia Parish Clerk of Court is excited about the DocuNet On-line Service available to account holders.  If you are an account holder in good standing, you may qualify for this exceptional program giving you access to Conveyance, Mortgage, and Miscellaneous Indexing and Image Records, Civil Indexing and Image Records, and Marriage Indexing.  If you are an attorney or form of government, you may also qualify to get access to Criminal Indexing and Image Records as well as Traffic Indexing and Image Records.  All applications are subject to denial.  If your application is denied, you will be notified and your payment returned.  Currently, all out-of-state applications are under review and are suspended until further notice.  If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Blane Faulk at 337-788-8881.

Currently, our indexing of records for Conveyance and Mortgage Indexes are from 1970 to current.  Images are back to 1977.  Miscellaneous indexing goes back to 1887 along with images to 1977.  There have been some special indexing projects that will give some indexing back to earlier dates.  However, these are a bonus to you and there will be some time indexing gaps.

Civil indexing are from 1983 to current with images going back to around 2000.  Civil images are a work in progress and may be incomplete in some instances.  Marriage indexing goes back to 1887.  Currently, there are no images available for marriages.

Also, please keep in mind that on-line searches are limited to human interaction and does not warrant title or in some cases, 100% completion of a file.  Records are being scanned everyday to make available the most up-to-date information possible, but will always be on-going.  This benefit is designed to help save you time and money along with the convenience of working from your office for records that are in place electronically.

Below, please find the contract agreement and fees associated with this service.  Under no circumstances is our information to be duplicated and made public for any purpose.  Anyone pirating the Acadia Parish Clerk of Court’s information will be subject to legal proceedings.  Every time an account holder of our DocuNet System logs in, you are acknowledging that this information is not being duplicated for public or private viewing, sharing, or distribution, and charges for any such manner.  Once you have completed the forms, please mail to:

Acadia Parish Clerk of Court
Attn: DocuNet
P.O. Box 922
Crowley, LA 70527-0922

Acadia Parish Online contract2017

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Chief Deputy Blane Faulk at 337-788-8881, Ext. 302.

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