Accounting Department is one of many duties.  They handle everyday transaction of funds received for everything filed as well as fees charged for court proceedings.  They are also responsible for distributing associated funds to various entities such as the Sheriff and Judges associated with court fees and filings.

Every department in the Clerk’s office, with the exception of purchasing, is on a cash control system.  Every time a document is recorded, a copy is made, a marriage license is issued, or a mortgage certificate is completed, it is recorded in our computer system and the account or invoice is updated.

The accounting department also maintains the Registry of the Court accounts.  It is in these accounts that “disputed money” is placed pending the outcome of the trial.  The money in these accounts is only accessible by court order, that is to say that money can not be placed into nor withdrawn from a Registry account without an order of the Court signed by a District Judge.

The Acadia Parish Clerk of Court also has general accounts receivable and payable.  As a courtesy, the Acadia Parish Clerk of Court may allow you to establish a “charge account”.  If you wish to establish an account with us, please contact our office for needed information and approval.  Just as any private company might have, the accounting department oversees the collection of the house charge accounts as wells as the payments of the accounts payable.

You can reach our accounting department at (337)788-8881.